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Post by Loki on Sun Jul 21, 2013 4:08 pm


Please take the time to read through these rules carefully before you being roleplaying.

Role Playing Etiquette

Remember that the #1 rule for TNRRP is BE RESPECTFUL.

Use Your Discretion
If other members are in the middle of a RP scene, please do not just drop your character in the middle of the scene without being invited. This is what we call crashing a scene. There are plenty of threads to RP where users are welcomed to start or join in on a scene out of the blue. Similarly, choose RP locations wisely. If you plan on RP a private scene with a only a few other users, do not choose an area thread where others are allowed to walk right into a scene.

RP Posting Format

In Character (IC)
His actions were in regular type form. "His speech was between the quotes!" His thoughts were in italics.

Out of Character (OOC)
( I spend most of my days in boredom. *flail*)

Roleplaying Threads

New Threads
If there is a scene going on an in area thread you want to RP, please do not create a similiar area thread.  For example, Cafeteria West End and Cafeteria East End, it is easier for there to be only Cafeteria. We want to keep the forum tidy. There is more than likely a thread available for your needs.

RP Threads
Please keep all RP in the RP area. It is easier to keep track of and less confusing. There are plenty of places where you can start a thread to discuss OOC topics. Keep OOC in RP posts to a minimium.

Note: If a scene is left paused for over 48 hours (two days), the thread is considered open and other users may post there. Sometimes it is unavoidable that we have to go a few days without posting, but please consider that other users’ enjoyment cannot be put on hold indefinitely.

RP Accounts

If you wish to RP, your account username must be your characters’ name. 
Original Characters (OCs) are permitted. 
However, OCs who are closely related to canon characters are not permitted. For example, a long lost sibling of a certain character that doesn't exist in canon universe. 
Characters from non-Marvel fandoms are not permitted. *Addition, characters must now be from the Thor fandom.
Please refrain from creating Mary Sue's and Gary Stu's. Nobody is that perfect except for Tom Hiddleston.
Multiple RP characters with the same name are not allowed. If the name is taken, please create a new character. This is because certain characters have already been claimed and are in use for RP. This helps to prevent confusion. Please do not create another version of a character so you can RP as them. If it's taken, we're sorry to tell you that you'll have to RP as someone else.

New members must make a post within the week of joining or their accuont will be removed.

If an RP account is not used for a full calendar month –that is, the user does not log into that account and make one post anywhere on the forum- a PM and email will be sent to that user warning that the character will be made available to other users.  If no response is made within a week, that RP account name will change to Character Name INACTIVE, the password changed, and PM inbox and outbox cleared.
The character will be placed on a list of available characters for new or current members to have the opportunity to acquire.

Note: This only applies to canon characters. If you only have limited time to RP, it is strongly suggested that you create an OC character to avoid disruptions that could impact the enjoyment of other RP users.

The Rated Section
At this current moment, the rated section is hidden and can be only seen by the Admin. Once things progress, it will be available to users to RP in. This section is for smut/serious violence and this is the only place smut/serious violence can exist anywhere on the forum.
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